jina.jaml.parsers.base module

class jina.jaml.parsers.base.VersionedYAMLParser[source]

Bases: object

Flow YAML parser for specific version

Every VersionedYAMLParser must implement two methods and one class attribute:
  • parse(): to load data (in dict) into a BaseFlow or BaseExecutor object

  • dump(): to dump a BaseFlow or BaseExecutor object into a dict

  • version: version number in str in format MAJOR.[MINOR]

version = 'legacy'

the version number this parser designed for

parse(cls, data)[source]

Return the Flow YAML parser given the syntax version number

  • cls (type) – target class type to parse into, must be a JAMLCompatible type

  • data (Dict) – flow yaml file loaded as python dict

Return type

Union[ForwardRef, ForwardRef]


Return the dictionary given a versioned flow object


data (Union[ForwardRef, ForwardRef]) – versioned flow object

Return type