Executor Hub#

Now that you understand that Executor is a building block in Jina, you may also wonder:

  • Can I streamline the process of containerizing my Executor?

  • Can I reuse my Executor in another project?

  • Can I share my Executor with my colleagues?

  • Can I just use someone else’s Executor instead of building it myself?

Basically, something like the following:


Yes! This is exactly the purpose of Executor Hub. Hub allows you to turn your Executor into a ready-for-the-cloud containerized service taking away a lot of the work from you. With Hub you can pull prebuilt Executors to dramatically reduce the effort and complexity needed in your system, or push your own custom Executors to share privately or publicly. You can think of the Hub as your easy to entry door to a Docker registry.

A Hub Executor is an Executor published on Executor Hub. You can use such an Executor in a Flow or in a Deployment:

from jina import Deployment

d = Deployment(uses='jinaai+docker://<username>/MyExecutor')

with d:

Make sure the schemas are known

While using docarray>0.30.0, Executors do not have a fix schema and each Executor defines its own. Make sure you know those schemas when using Executors from the Hub.