Run Quick Demos

Just starting out? Try our three well-designed “Hello, World” demos.

Fashion image search

Search over 60,000 images based on visual similarity.

QA chatbot

A simple BERT-based chatbot to answer Covid-related questions.

Multimodal search

Jointly search text and image in one query.

Fork one and start building

If you find any hello-world demo interesting, you can simply fork its source code to your own directory via:

jina hello fork fashion ./myapp

You will get something like the following:

           [email protected][L]:fashion project is forked to /Users/hanxiao/Documents/jina/myapp
           [email protected][I]:
    To run the project:
    ~$ cd /Users/hanxiao/Documents/jina/myapp
    ~$ python

Now go to myapp folder, modify the code and run it again via python

Learn more about each demo

You can always run jina hello --help to get more details about each demo. For example:

jina hello chatbot --help
jina hello fashion --help
jina hello multimodal --help

If you prefer to learn by watching a video, watch this video explanation by Jina community member Aleksa Gordic.