• Why does it take a while on every operation of jcloud?

    Because the event listener at Jina Cloud is serverless by design, which means it spawns an instance on-demand to process your requests from jcloud. Note that operations such as deploy, remove in jcloud are not high-frequency. Hence, having a serverless listener is much more cost-efficient than an always-on listener. The downside is slower operations, nevertheless this does not affect the deployed service. Your deployed service is always on.

  • How long do you persist my service?

    Forever. Until you manually remove it, we will persist your service as long as possible.

  • Is everything free?

    Yes! We just need your feedback - use jc survey to help us understand your needs.

  • How powerful is Jina Cloud?

    Jina Cloud scales according to your need. You can demand for the resources your Flow requires. If there’s anything particular you’d be looking for, you can contact us on Slack or let us know via jc survey.

  • How can I enable verbose logs with jcloud?

    To make the output more verbose, you can add --loglevel DEBUG before each CLI subcommand, e.g.

    jc --loglevel DEBUG deploy toy.yml