Name Description Type Default
name The name of this object.

This will be used in the following places:
- how you refer to this object in Python/YAML/CLI
- visualization
- log message header
- ...

When not given, then the default naming strategy will apply.
string None
workspace The working directory for any IO operations in this object. If not set, then derive from its parent workspace. string None
log_config The YAML config of the logger used in this object. string default
quiet If set, then no log will be emitted from this object. boolean False
quiet_error If set, then exception stack information will not be added to the log boolean False
optout_telemetry If set, disables telemetry during the Flow/Pod/Runtime start. boolean False
uses The YAML path represents a flow. It can be either a local file path or a URL. string None
env The map of environment variables that are available inside runtime object None
inspect The strategy on those inspect deployments in the flow.

If REMOVE is given then all inspect deployments are removed when building the flow.
string COLLECT