Best Practices

Developing Hub Executors

When developing Hub Executors, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Use jina hub new CLI to create an Executor

    To get started, always use the command and follow the instructions. This will ensure you follow the right file structure.

  • No need to write Dockerfile manually

    Hubble will generate a well-optimized Dockerfile according to your Executor package

  • No need to bump Jina version

    Hub executors are version-agnostic. When you pull an Executor from Hub, Hubble will always select the right Jina version for you. No worries about Jina version upgrade!

  • Fill in manifest.yml correctly.

    Information you include in manifest.yml will be displayed on our website. Want to make your Executor eye-catching on our website? Fill all fields in manifest.yml with heart & love!

Using Hub Executors

When using Hub Executors, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Ensure sufficient Docker resources are allocated when using jinahub+docker

    When jinahub+docker executors are not loading properly or are having issues during initialization, please ensure sufficient Docker resources are allocated.