Install Jina via pip

If you prefer run Jina natively on the host, please make sure you have Python >= 3.7 installed on the host.

Install from PyPi

On Linux/Mac, simply do:

pip install jina

Install from the Master Branch

If you want to keep track on the master of our development repository:

pip install git+

Install from Your Local Folk/Clone

If you are a developer and want to test your changes on-the-fly:

git clone
cd jina && pip install -e .

In the dev mode, if you later switch to the other ways of Jina installation, remember to first uninstall the editable version from the system:

pip uninstall $(basename $(find . -name '*.egg-info') .egg-info)

Cherry Pick Extra Dependencies

Jina only requires five dependencies numpy, pyzmq, protobuf, grpcio and ruamel.yaml. No third-party pretrained models, deep learning/NLP/CV packages will be installed.

Some of the Executors may require extra dependencies. The full table of the extra dependencies can be found in extra-requirements.txt. You can cherry-pick what you want to install, e.g.

pip install "jina[nlp+cv]"

This will install all dependencies tagged with nlp or cv.

Though not recommended, you can install Jina with full dependencies via:

pip install "jina[all]"

To install cherry-picked dependencies from master branch

pip install "git+[http]" 

Install Jina on Raspberry Pi and other Linux Systems

On Raspbian or other Linux systems, you can also install Jina via:

pip install jina

On some Linux systems, PyPi may not provide the wheels on that OS. In this case, you may want to pre-install some dependencies via apt/yum not via pip. Since the packages on apt/yum are often pre-compiled and require much less time to install. Fortunately Jina have minimal dependencies and their corresponding apt/yum packages are listed as follows:

PyPi Name Debian Package Name Alpine Package Name
numpy python3-numpy py3-numpy
pyzmq>=17.1.0 python3-zmq py3-pyzmq
protobuf python3-protobuf py3-protobuf
grpcio python3-grpcio grpc
ruamel.yaml>=0.15.89 python3-ruamel.yaml py3-ruamel.yaml

If you can have Docker installed on your Linux, then an easier way is probably run Jina with Docker container.

On Windows and Other OS

Currently we do not support Windows.

If you are a Windows user, one workaround is to use Jina with Docker container. If you manage to run Jina on Windows after some tweaks, welcome to submit your changes to here.