Install Jina on Raspberry Pi and other Linux Systems

On Raspbian or other Linux systems with Python >= 3.7 installed, you can simply install Jina via:

pip install jina

On some Linux systems, PyPi may not provide the wheels on that OS. In this case, you may want to pre-install some dependencies via apt/yum not via pip. Since the packages on apt/yum are often pre-compiled and require much less time to install. Fortunately Jina have minimal dependencies and their corresponding apt/yum packages are:

PyPi Name Linux Package Name Alpine Package Name
numpy python3-numpy py3-numpy
pyzmq>=17.1.0 python3-zmq py3-pyzmq
protobuf python3-protobuf py3-protobuf
grpcio python3-grpcio grpc
ruamel.yaml>=0.15.89 python3-ruamel.yaml py3-ruamel.yaml

If you can have Docker installed on your Linux, then an easier way is probably run Jina with Docker container.