Autocomplete commands on Bash, Zsh and FishΒΆ

After installing Jina via pip, you should be able to use autocomplete feature while using Jina CLI. For example,

➜  _jina git:(master) βœ— jina 

--help          --version       --version-full  check           client          flow            gateway         hello-world     log             pea             ping            pod

The autocomplete is context-aware. It also works when you type a second-level argument:

➜  _jina git:(master) βœ— jina pod --name --lo

--log-profile  --log-remote   --log-sse

Currently, the feature is enabled automatically on Bash, Zsh and Fish. It requires your β€œ.bashrc” path to be standard.

Shell ".bashrc" Path
Bash ~/.bashrc
Zsh ~/.zshrc
Fish ~/.config/fish/