Jina Hub API Reference

Jina Hub API allows users to :login: to Hub, :list:, :build:, :push: and create :new: Hub images with configurable parameters. This guide covers installing and setting up the API for a seamless experience with the Hub.


Run pip install "jina[hub]"

jina hub list:

hub list interface helps the user to retrieve information related to Executor images in the Hub. The following filters are accepted: name corresponding to image name kind corresponding to the kind of Hub image (Indexer / Encoder / Segmenter / Crafter / Evaluator / Ranker etc) type indicating either Pod or app keywords for filtering on specific terms like sklearn, etc.

list could be used for listing both local as well as remote images.

jina hub new:

Jina provides an easy-to-use interface for spinning up an Executor or an app

Create a new Executor

jina hub new --type pod It will start a wizard in the CLI to guide you in creating your first Executor. The resulting file structure should look like the following:

├── Dockerfile
├── manifest.yml
├── README.md
├── requirements.txt
├── __init__.py
└── tests/
    ├── test_MyAwesomeExecutor.py
    └── __init__.py

Create a new app

jina hub new --type app It will start a wizard in the CLI to guide you in creating your app.

jina hub login

Login to Jina Hub using your GitHub credentials. This is required for pushing your Executor to Jina Hub. Usage: jina hub login : Copy/paste the token into GitHub to verify your account

jina hub build

To test your Pod/app locally, use the build command as follows:

jina hub build /MyAwesomeExecutor/ More Hub CLI usage can be found via jina hub build --help

jina hub push

push is the command for publishing your Pod to the Hub jina hub push jinahub/type.kind.jina-image-name:image-jina_version

Naming conventions

All apps and Executors should follow the naming convention: jinahub/type.kind.jina-image-name:image-jina_version

For example: jinahub/app.app.wikipedia-sentences:0.0.1-1.0.0 (use default jina hub new version, and stable Jina version)

For detailed information, please refer to the [Jina Hub repository].(https://github.com/jina-ai/jina-hub)