Flow Design GUI

Our GUI is a visual interface that makes composing flows as easy as browsing social media. Design, configure and deploy your flows right from the browser!


  • Build your own custom Flows per Drag & Drop on the canvas leveraging templates, YAML files or by starting from scratch with empty pods and flows.

  • Deploy your flow with one click directly through JinaD

  • Export your flow as YAML or PNG

Before you start

Before you start, you have to launch JinaD and connect it to the Dashboard

Composing a flow

Drag&Drop the pods to the canvas. You can edit a pod’s properties by double clicking it

compose flow

Starting and stopping a flow

To start a flow click on the start button in the command bar. To stop it click on the stop button

start stop flow

Importing a flow

You can import a flow with YAML either in the window for creating a new flow or by clicking at the import flow button in the command bar

import flow

Exporting a flow

You can export a flow either visually as a png or as YAML by clicking the respective buttons in the commandbar

export flow