class jina.types.document.helper.DocGroundtruthPair(doc, groundtruth)[source]

Bases: jina.types.document.traversable.Traversable

Helper class to expose common interface to the traversal logic of the BaseExecutable Driver. It is important to note that it checks the matching structure of docs and groundtruths. It is important while traversing to ensure that then the driver can be applied at a comparable level of granularity and adjacency. This does not imply that you can’t compare at the end a document with 10 matches with a groundtruth with 20 matches

  • doc (Document) – Target Document.

  • groundtruth (Document) – The Document with desired state.

Set constructor method.

property matches

Get the pairs between matches and Groundtruth.

Return type


property chunks

Get the pairs between chunks and Groundtruth.

Return type