jina.serve.runtimes.gateway package#



Module contents#

class jina.serve.runtimes.gateway.GatewayRuntime(args, cancel_event=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: AsyncNewLoopRuntime, ABC

The Runtime from which the GatewayRuntimes need to inherit

static is_ready(ctrl_address, protocol='grpc', **kwargs)[source]#

Check if status is ready.

  • ctrl_address (str) – the address where the control request needs to be sent

  • protocol (Optional[str]) – protocol of the gateway runtime

  • kwargs – extra keyword arguments

Return type:



True if status is ready else False.

classmethod wait_for_ready_or_shutdown(timeout, ready_or_shutdown_event, ctrl_address, protocol='grpc', **kwargs)[source]#

Check if the runtime has successfully started

  • timeout (Optional[float]) – The time to wait before readiness or failure is determined

  • ctrl_address (str) – the address where the control message needs to be sent

  • ready_or_shutdown_event (Union[Event, Event]) – the multiprocessing event to detect if the process failed or is ready

  • protocol (Optional[str]) – protocol of the gateway runtime

  • kwargs – extra keyword arguments


True if is ready or it needs to be shutdown

static activate(**kwargs)#

Activate the runtime, does not apply to these runtimes


kwargs – extra keyword arguments

abstract async async_cancel()#

An async method to cancel async_run_forever.

abstract async async_run_forever()#

The async method to run until it is stopped.

async async_setup()#

The async method to setup.

async async_teardown()#

The async method to clean up resources during teardown. This method should free all resources allocated during async_setup


Running method to block the main thread.

Run the event loop until a Future is done.


Call async_teardown() and stop and close the event loop.