jina.peapods.pods.k8slib.kubernetes_tools module

class jina.peapods.pods.k8slib.kubernetes_tools.K8SClients[source]

Bases: object

The Kubernetes api is wrapped into a class to have a lazy reading of the cluster configuration.

property k8s_client

Client for making requests to Kubernetes


k8s client

property v1

V1 client for core


v1 client

property beta

Beta client for using beta features


beta client

property networking_v1_beta1_api

Networking client used for creating the ingress


networking client

jina.peapods.pods.k8slib.kubernetes_tools.create(template, params, logger=<jina.logging.logger.JinaLogger object>, custom_resource_dir=None)[source]

Create a resource on Kubernetes based on the template. It fills the template using the params.

  • template (str) – path to the template file.

  • custom_resource_dir (Optional[str]) – Path to a folder containing the kubernetes yml template files. Defaults to the standard location jina.resources if not specified.

  • logger (JinaLogger) – logger to use. Defaults to the default logger.

  • params (Dict) – dictionary for replacing the placeholders (keys) with the actual values.