jina.orchestrate.pods.helper module

class jina.orchestrate.pods.helper.ConditionalEvent(events_list)[source]

Bases: object

ConditionalEvent provides a common interface to an event (multiprocessing or threading event) that gets triggered when any of the events provided in input is triggered (OR logic)


events_list – The list of events that compose this composable event

jina.orchestrate.pods.helper.update_runtime_cls(args, copy=False)[source]

Get runtime_cls as a string from args

  • args – pod/deployment namespace args

  • copy – True if args shouldn’t be modified in-place

Return type



runtime class as a string


TODO: make this async Check if status is ready. :type address: str :param address: the address where the control message needs to be sent :rtype: bool :return: True if status is ready else False.