jina.orchestrate.pods.container module#

jina.orchestrate.pods.container.run(args, name, container_name, net_mode, runtime_ctrl_address, envs, is_started, is_shutdown, is_ready)[source]#

Method to be run in a process that stream logs from a Container

This method is the target for the Pod’s thread or process


run() is running in subprocess/thread, the exception can not be propagated to the main process. Hence, please do not raise any exception here.


Please note that env variables are process-specific. Subprocess inherits envs from the main process. But Subprocess’s envs do NOT affect the main process. It does NOT mess up user local system envs.

  • args (Namespace) – namespace args from the Pod

  • name (str) – name of the Pod to have proper logging

  • container_name (str) – name to set the Container to

  • net_mode (Optional[str]) – The network mode where to run the container

  • runtime_ctrl_address (str) – The control address of the runtime in the container

  • envs (Dict) – Dictionary of environment variables to be set in the docker image

  • is_started (Union[Event, Event]) – concurrency event to communicate runtime is properly started. Used for better logging

  • is_shutdown (Union[Event, Event]) – concurrency event to communicate runtime is terminated

  • is_ready (Union[Event, Event]) – concurrency event to communicate runtime is ready to receive messages

class jina.orchestrate.pods.container.ContainerPod(args)[source]#

Bases: BasePod

ContainerPod starts a runtime of BaseRuntime inside a container. It leverages multiprocessing.Process to manage the logs and the lifecycle of docker container object in a robust way.


Start the ContainerPod. .. #noqa: DAR201

join(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Joins the Pod.

  • args – extra positional arguments to pass to join

  • kwargs – extra keyword arguments to pass to join

async async_wait_start_success()#

Wait for the Pod to start successfully in a non-blocking manner


Close the Pod

This method makes sure that the Process is properly finished and its resources properly released

Return type:


property role: PodRoleType#

Get the role of this pod in a deployment .. #noqa: DAR201

Return type:



Block until all pods starts successfully.

If not success, it will raise an error hoping the outer function to catch it