Jina Python API Reference¶

jina.import_classes(namespace, targets=None, show_import_table=False, import_once=False)[source]¶

Import all or selected executors into the runtime. This is called when Jina is first imported for registering the YAML constructor beforehand. It can be also used to import third-part or external executors.

  • namespace (str) – the namespace to import

  • targets – the list of executor names to import

  • show_import_table (bool) – show the import result as a table

  • import_once (bool) – import everything only once, to avoid repeated import


sets nofile soft limit to at least 4096, useful for running matlplotlib/seaborn on parallel executing plot generators vs. Ubuntu default ulimit -n 1024 or OS X El Captian 256 temporary setting extinguishing with Python session.