Source code for jina_cli.export

import argparse
import os
from typing import List

[docs]def api_to_dict(show_all_args: bool = False): """Convert Jina API to a dict :param show_all_args: if set, then hidden args are also exported :return: dict """ if show_all_args: from jina.parsers import helper helper._SHOW_ALL_ARGS, old_val = True, helper._SHOW_ALL_ARGS from jina import __version__ from jina.parsers import get_main_parser all_d = { 'name': 'Jina', 'description': 'Build cross-modal and multi-modal applications on the cloud', 'license': 'Apache 2.0', 'vendor': 'Jina AI Limited', 'source': '' + os.environ.get('JINA_VCS_VERSION', 'master'), 'url': '', 'docs': '', 'authors': '[email protected]', 'version': __version__, 'methods': [], 'revision': os.environ.get('JINA_VCS_VERSION'), } def get_p(p, parent_d): parsers = p()._actions[-1].choices if parsers: for p_name in parsers.keys(): d = {'name': p_name, 'options': [], 'help': parsers[p_name].description} for ddd in _export_parser_args( lambda *x: p()._actions[-1].choices[p_name], type_as_str=True ): d['options'].append(ddd) if not d['options']: d['methods'] = [] get_p(lambda *x: parsers[p_name], d) parent_d['methods'].append(d) get_p(get_main_parser, all_d) if show_all_args: helper._SHOW_ALL_ARGS = old_val return all_d
def _export_parser_args(parser_fn, type_as_str: bool = False, **kwargs): from argparse import _StoreAction, _StoreTrueAction from jina.enums import BetterEnum from jina.parsers.helper import _SHOW_ALL_ARGS, KVAppendAction port_attr = ('help', 'choices', 'default', 'required', 'option_strings', 'dest') parser = parser_fn(**kwargs) parser2 = parser_fn(**kwargs) random_dest = set() for a, b in zip(parser._actions, parser2._actions): if a.default != b.default: random_dest.add(a.dest) for a in parser._actions: if isinstance(a, (_StoreAction, _StoreTrueAction, KVAppendAction)): if not _SHOW_ALL_ARGS and == argparse.SUPPRESS: continue ddd = {p: getattr(a, p) for p in port_attr} if isinstance(a, _StoreTrueAction): ddd['type'] = bool elif isinstance(a, KVAppendAction): ddd['type'] = dict else: ddd['type'] = a.type if ddd['choices']: ddd['choices'] = [ str(k) if isinstance(k, BetterEnum) else k for k in ddd['choices'] ] ddd['type'] = str if isinstance(ddd['default'], BetterEnum): ddd['default'] = str(ddd['default']) ddd['type'] = str if ddd['type'] == str and (a.nargs == '*' or a.nargs == '+'): ddd['type'] = List[str] else: continue if a.dest in random_dest: ddd['default_random'] = True from jina.helper import random_identity, random_port if isinstance(a.default, str): ddd['default_factory'] = random_identity.__name__ elif isinstance(a.default, int): ddd['default_factory'] = random_port.__name__ else: ddd['default_random'] = False if type_as_str: ddd['type'] = getattr(ddd['type'], '__name__', str(ddd['type'])) ddd['name'] = ddd.pop('dest') yield ddd