Source code for jina.types.request.status

from typing import Dict, Optional, TypeVar

from google.protobuf import json_format

from jina.excepts import BadRequestType
from jina.helper import typename
from jina.proto import jina_pb2
from jina.types.mixin import ProtoTypeMixin

StatusSourceType = TypeVar('StatusSourceType', jina_pb2.StatusProto, str, Dict, bytes)

[docs]class StatusMessage(ProtoTypeMixin): """Represents a Status message used for health check of the Flow""" def __init__( self, status_object: Optional[StatusSourceType] = None, ): self._pb_body = jina_pb2.StatusProto() try: if isinstance(status_object, jina_pb2.StatusProto): self._pb_body = status_object elif isinstance(status_object, dict): json_format.ParseDict(status_object, self._pb_body) elif isinstance(status_object, str): json_format.Parse(status_object, self._pb_body) elif isinstance(status_object, bytes): self._pb_body.ParseFromString(status_object) elif status_object is not None: # note ``None`` is not considered as a bad type raise ValueError(f'{typename(status_object)} is not recognizable') else: self._pb_body = jina_pb2.StatusProto() except Exception as ex: raise BadRequestType( f'fail to construct a {self.__class__} object from {status_object}' ) from ex
[docs] def set_exception(self, ex: Exception): """Set exception information into the Status Message :param ex: The Exception to be filled """ import traceback self.proto.code = jina_pb2.StatusProto.ERROR self.proto.description = repr(ex) = ex.__class__.__name__ self.proto.exception.args.extend([str(v) for v in ex.args]) self.proto.exception.stacks.extend( traceback.format_exception(type(ex), value=ex, tb=ex.__traceback__) )
[docs] def set_code(self, code): """Set the code of the Status Message :param code: The code to be added """ self.proto.code = code