Source code for jina.types.request.mixin

from ..sets import DocumentSet
from ...proto import jina_pb2

[docs]class DocsPropertyMixin: """Mixin class of docs property.""" @property def docs(self) -> 'DocumentSet': """Get the :class: `DocumentSet` with sequence `` as content.""" self.is_used = True return DocumentSet(
[docs]class GroundtruthPropertyMixin: """Mixin class of groundtruths property.""" @property def groundtruths(self) -> 'DocumentSet': """Get the groundtruths in :class: `DocumentSet` type.""" self.is_used = True return DocumentSet(self.body.groundtruths)
[docs]class IdsMixin: """Mixin class of ids property.""" @property def ids(self): """Get the ids.""" return self.body.ids
[docs]class CommandMixin: """Mixin class of command property.""" @property def command(self) -> str: """Get the command.""" self.is_used = True return jina_pb2.RequestProto.ControlRequestProto.Command.Name( self.proto.control.command )