Source code for jina.types.request

import traceback
from typing import Optional

from jina.proto import jina_pb2
from jina.serve.executors import BaseExecutor
from jina.types.mixin import ProtoTypeMixin

[docs]class Request(ProtoTypeMixin): """ :class:`Request` is one of the primitive data types in Jina, and serves as a base for :class:`~data.DataRequest` and :class:`~data.Response`. It offers a Pythonic interface to allow users access and manipulate :class:`jina.jina_pb2.RequestProto` object without working with Protobuf itself. It serves as a container for serialized :class:`jina_pb2.RequestProto` that only triggers deserialization and decompression when receives the first read access to its member. It overrides :meth:`__getattr__` to provide the same get/set interface as an :class:`jina_pb2.RequestProto` object. """ def __getattr__(self, name: str): return getattr(self.proto, name)
[docs] def add_exception( self, ex: Optional['Exception'] = None, executor: 'BaseExecutor' = None ) -> None: """Add exception to the last route in the envelope :param ex: Exception to be added :param executor: Executor related to the exception """ d = self.header.status d.code = jina_pb2.StatusProto.ERROR d.description = repr(ex) if executor: d.exception.executor = executor.__class__.__name__ = ex.__class__.__name__ d.exception.args.extend([str(v) for v in ex.args]) d.exception.stacks.extend( traceback.format_exception(type(ex), value=ex, tb=ex.__traceback__) )