Source code for jina.types.ndarray.sparse.numpy

from typing import List

import numpy as np

from . import BaseSparseNdArray

__all__ = ['SparseNdArray']

[docs]class SparseNdArray(BaseSparseNdArray): """ Numpy powered sparse ndarray, it uses nonzero. .. note:: This always take a dense :class:`np.ndarray` and return a :class:`np.ndarray`. It only store nonzero data in sparse format, it does not keep a sparse representation in memory. """
[docs] def sparse_constructor( self, indices: 'np.ndarray', values: 'np.ndarray', shape: List[int] ) -> 'np.ndarray': """ Sparse NdArray constructor for np.ndarray. :param indices: the indices of the sparse array :param values: the values of the sparse array :param shape: the shape of the sparse array :return: FloatTensor """ val = np.zeros(shape) val[tuple(indices.T)] = values return val
[docs] def sparse_parser(self, value: 'np.ndarray'): """ Parse a np.ndarray to indices, values and shape. :param value: the np.ndarray. :return: a Dict with three entries {'indices': ..., 'values':..., 'shape':...} """ nv = np.nonzero(value) val = value[nv] indices = np.transpose(nv) return {'indices': indices, 'values': val, 'shape': list(value.shape)}