Source code for jina.types.mixin

from typing import Dict

from google.protobuf.json_format import MessageToJson, MessageToDict

from ..helper import typename
from ..proto import jina_pb2

[docs]class ProtoTypeMixin: """Mixin class of `ProtoType`."""
[docs] def json(self) -> str: """Return the object in JSON string :return: JSON string of the object """ return MessageToJson( self._pb_body, preserving_proto_field_name=True, sort_keys=True )
[docs] def dict(self) -> Dict: """Return the object in Python dictionary :return: dict representation of the object """ # NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT ADD `including_default_value_fields`, # it makes the output very verbose! return MessageToDict( self._pb_body, preserving_proto_field_name=True, )
@property def proto(self) -> 'jina_pb2._reflection.GeneratedProtocolMessageType': """Return the underlying Protobuf object :return: Protobuf representation of the object """ return self._pb_body
[docs] def binary_str(self) -> bytes: """Return the serialized the message to a string. :return: binary string representation of the object """ return self._pb_body.SerializePartialToString()
@property def nbytes(self) -> int: """Return total bytes consumed by protobuf. :return: number of bytes """ return len(self.binary_str()) def __getattr__(self, name: str): return getattr(self._pb_body, name) def __str__(self): return str(self._build_content_dict()) def __repr__(self): d = self._build_content_dict() if isinstance(d, list): content = ' '.join(f'{v}' for v in self._build_content_dict()) else: content = ' '.join( f'{k}={v}' for k, v in self._build_content_dict().items() ) content += f' at {id(self)}' content = content.strip() return f'<{typename(self)} {content}>' def _build_content_dict(self): """Helper method for __str__ and __repr__ :return: the dict representation for the object """ content = self.dict() if hasattr(self, '_attributes_in_str') and isinstance( self._attributes_in_str, list ): content = {k: content[k] for k in self._attributes_in_str} return content