Source code for jina.types.arrays.match

from .document import DocumentArray

if False:
    from ..document import Document

[docs]class MatchArray(DocumentArray): """ :class:`MatchArray` inherits from :class:`DocumentArray`. It's a subset of Documents that represents the matches :param docs_proto: List of matches of the `reference_doc` :type docs_proto: :class:`Document` :param reference_doc: Reference :class:`Document` for the sub-documents :type reference_doc: :class:`Document` """ def __init__(self, docs_proto, reference_doc: 'Document'): super().__init__(docs_proto) self._ref_doc = reference_doc
[docs] def append(self, document: 'Document', **kwargs) -> 'Document': """Add a matched document to the current Document. :param document: Sub-document to be added :type document: :class: `Document :param kwargs: Extra key value arguments :return: the newly added sub-document in :class:`Document` view :rtype: :class:`Document` view """ from ..document import Document m = self._docs_proto.add() m.CopyFrom(document.proto) match = Document(m) match.set_attrs( granularity=self.granularity, adjacency=self.adjacency, **kwargs ) match.score.ref_id = return match
@property def reference_doc(self) -> 'Document': """Get the document that this :class:`MatchArray` referring to. :return: the document the match refers to """ return self._ref_doc @property def granularity(self) -> int: """Get granularity of all document in this array. :return: the granularity of the documents of which these are match """ return self._ref_doc.granularity @property def adjacency(self) -> int: """Get the adjacency of all document in this array. :return: the adjacency of the array of matches """ return self._ref_doc.adjacency + 1