Source code for jina.serve.runtimes.worker

import argparse
import contextlib
from abc import ABC
from typing import List

import grpc
from grpc_health.v1 import health, health_pb2, health_pb2_grpc
from grpc_reflection.v1alpha import reflection

from jina.excepts import RuntimeTerminated
from jina.helper import get_full_version
from jina.importer import ImportExtensions
from jina.proto import jina_pb2, jina_pb2_grpc
from jina.serve.runtimes.asyncio import AsyncNewLoopRuntime
from jina.serve.runtimes.helper import _get_grpc_server_options
from jina.serve.runtimes.request_handlers.data_request_handler import DataRequestHandler
from import DataRequest

[docs]class WorkerRuntime(AsyncNewLoopRuntime, ABC): """Runtime procedure leveraging :class:`Grpclet` for sending DataRequests""" def __init__( self, args: argparse.Namespace, **kwargs, ): """Initialize grpc and data request handling. :param args: args from CLI :param kwargs: keyword args """ self._health_servicer = health.HealthServicer(experimental_non_blocking=True) super().__init__(args, **kwargs)
[docs] async def async_setup(self): """ Start the DataRequestHandler and wait for the GRPC and Monitoring servers to start """ if self.metrics_registry: with ImportExtensions( required=True, help_text='You need to install the `prometheus_client` to use the montitoring functionality of jina', ): from prometheus_client import Counter, Summary self._summary_time = ( Summary( 'receiving_request_seconds', 'Time spent processing request', registry=self.metrics_registry, namespace='jina', labelnames=('runtime_name',), ) .labels( .time() ) self._failed_requests_metrics = Counter( 'failed_requests', 'Number of failed requests', registry=self.metrics_registry, namespace='jina', labelnames=('runtime_name',), ).labels( self._successful_requests_metrics = Counter( 'successful_requests', 'Number of successful requests', registry=self.metrics_registry, namespace='jina', labelnames=('runtime_name',), ).labels( else: self._summary_time = contextlib.nullcontext() self._failed_requests_metrics = None self._successful_requests_metrics = None # Keep this initialization order # otherwise readiness check is not valid # The DataRequestHandler needs to be started BEFORE the grpc server self._data_request_handler = DataRequestHandler( self.args, self.logger, self.metrics_registry ) await self._async_setup_grpc_server()
async def _async_setup_grpc_server(self): """ Start the DataRequestHandler and wait for the GRPC server to start """ self._grpc_server = grpc.aio.server( options=_get_grpc_server_options(self.args.grpc_server_options) ) jina_pb2_grpc.add_JinaSingleDataRequestRPCServicer_to_server( self, self._grpc_server ) jina_pb2_grpc.add_JinaDataRequestRPCServicer_to_server(self, self._grpc_server) jina_pb2_grpc.add_JinaDiscoverEndpointsRPCServicer_to_server( self, self._grpc_server ) jina_pb2_grpc.add_JinaInfoRPCServicer_to_server(self, self._grpc_server) service_names = ( jina_pb2.DESCRIPTOR.services_by_name['JinaSingleDataRequestRPC'].full_name, jina_pb2.DESCRIPTOR.services_by_name['JinaDataRequestRPC'].full_name, jina_pb2.DESCRIPTOR.services_by_name['JinaDiscoverEndpointsRPC'].full_name, jina_pb2.DESCRIPTOR.services_by_name['JinaInfoRPC'].full_name, reflection.SERVICE_NAME, ) # Mark all services as healthy. health_pb2_grpc.add_HealthServicer_to_server( self._health_servicer, self._grpc_server ) for service in service_names: self._health_servicer.set(service, health_pb2.HealthCheckResponse.SERVING) reflection.enable_server_reflection(service_names, self._grpc_server) bind_addr = f'{self.args.port}' self.logger.debug(f'start listening on {bind_addr}') self._grpc_server.add_insecure_port(bind_addr) await self._grpc_server.start()
[docs] async def async_run_forever(self): """Block until the GRPC server is terminated""" await self._grpc_server.wait_for_termination()
[docs] async def async_cancel(self): """Stop the GRPC server""" self.logger.debug('cancel WorkerRuntime') # 0.5 gives the runtime some time to complete outstanding responses # this should be handled better, 1.0 is a rather random number await self._grpc_server.stop(1.0) self.logger.debug('stopped GRPC Server')
[docs] async def async_teardown(self): """Close the data request handler""" self._health_servicer.enter_graceful_shutdown() await self.async_cancel() self._data_request_handler.close()
[docs] async def process_single_data(self, request: DataRequest, context) -> DataRequest: """ Process the received requests and return the result as a new request :param request: the data request to process :param context: grpc context :returns: the response request """ return await self.process_data([request], context)
[docs] async def endpoint_discovery(self, empty, context) -> jina_pb2.EndpointsProto: """ Process the the call requested and return the list of Endpoints exposed by the Executor wrapped inside this Runtime :param empty: The service expects an empty protobuf message :param context: grpc context :returns: the response request """ self.logger.debug('got an endpoint discovery request') endpointsProto = jina_pb2.EndpointsProto() endpointsProto.endpoints.extend( list(self._data_request_handler._executor.requests.keys()) ) return endpointsProto
[docs] async def process_data(self, requests: List[DataRequest], context) -> DataRequest: """ Process the received requests and return the result as a new request :param requests: the data requests to process :param context: grpc context :returns: the response request """ with self._summary_time: try: if self.logger.debug_enabled: self._log_data_request(requests[0]) result = await self._data_request_handler.handle(requests=requests) if self._successful_requests_metrics: return result except (RuntimeError, Exception) as ex: self.logger.error( f'{ex!r}' + f'\n add "--quiet-error" to suppress the exception details' if not self.args.quiet_error else '', exc_info=not self.args.quiet_error, ) requests[0].add_exception(ex, self._data_request_handler._executor) context.set_trailing_metadata((('is-error', 'true'),)) if self._failed_requests_metrics: if ( self.args.exit_on_exceptions and type(ex).__name__ in self.args.exit_on_exceptions ):'Exiting because of "--exit-on-exceptions".') raise RuntimeTerminated return requests[0]
async def _status(self, empty, context) -> jina_pb2.JinaInfoProto: """ Process the the call requested and return the JinaInfo of the Runtime :param empty: The service expects an empty protobuf message :param context: grpc context :returns: the response request """ infoProto = jina_pb2.JinaInfoProto() version, env_info = get_full_version() for k, v in version.items(): infoProto.jina[k] = str(v) for k, v in env_info.items(): infoProto.envs[k] = str(v) return infoProto