Source code for jina.schemas

[docs]def get_full_schema() -> dict: """ Return the full schema for Jina core as a dict. """ from .. import __version__ from ..importer import IMPORTED from .driver import schema_all_drivers from .executor import schema_all_executors from .flow import schema_flow from .meta import schema_metas from .request import schema_requests from .pod import schema_pod definitions = {} for s in [ schema_all_drivers, schema_all_executors, schema_flow, schema_metas, schema_requests, schema_pod, IMPORTED.schema_executors, IMPORTED.schema_drivers, ]: definitions.update(s) # fix CompoundExecutor definitions['Jina::Executors::CompoundExecutor']['properties']['components'] = { '$ref': '#/definitions/Jina::Executors::All' } return { '$id': f'{__version__}.json', '$schema': '', 'description': 'The YAML schema of Jina objects (Flow, Executor, Drivers).', 'type': 'object', 'oneOf': [{'$ref': '#/definitions/Jina::Flow'}] + [{"$ref": f"#/definitions/{k}"} for k in IMPORTED.schema_executors.keys()], 'definitions': definitions, }