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import asyncio
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, AsyncIterator, Awaitable

from .base import BaseStreamer

__all__ = ['HTTPClientStreamer', 'WebsocketClientStreamer']

    from ...types.request import Request

class ClientStreamer(BaseStreamer):
    """Streamer used at Client to stream requests/responses to/from Gateway"""

    def _convert_to_message(self, request):
        return request

    async def stream(self, request_iterator, *args) -> AsyncIterator['Request']:
        Async call to receive Requests and build them into Messages.

        :param request_iterator: iterator of requests.
        :param args: positional args
        :yield: responses
        if self.receive_task.done():
            raise RuntimeError('receive task not running, can not send messages')

        async for response in self._stream_requests(request_iterator):
            yield response

[docs]class HTTPClientStreamer(ClientStreamer): """Streamer used at Client to stream HTTP requests/responses to/from HTTPGateway""" async def _receive(self) -> Awaitable: """For HTTP Client, there's no task needed for receiving. Sleep like there's no tomorrow! :return: awaitable """ return await asyncio.sleep(1e9) def _handle_request(self, request: 'Request') -> 'asyncio.Future': """ For HTTP Client, for each request in the iterator, we `send_message` using http POST request and add it to the list of tasks which is awaited and yielded. :param request: current request in the iterator :return: asyncio Task for sending message """ return asyncio.ensure_future(self.iolet.send_message(request=request)) def _handle_response(self): """No responses to handle for HTTP Client""" pass
[docs]class WebsocketClientStreamer(ClientStreamer): """Streamer used at Client to stream Websocket requests/responses to/from WebsocketGateway""" async def _receive(self): """Await messages from WebsocketGateway and process them in the request buffer""" try: async for response in self.iolet.recv_message(): self._handle_response(response) finally: if self.request_buffer: self.logger.warning( f'{self.__class__.__name__} closed, cancelling all outstanding requests' ) for future in self.request_buffer.values(): future.cancel() self.request_buffer.clear() def _handle_end_of_iter(self): """Send End of iteration signal to the Gateway""" asyncio.create_task(self.iolet.send_eoi())