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import argparse
from typing import List

from ..prefetch import PrefetchCaller
from ....zmq import AsyncZmqlet
from .....importer import ImportExtensions
from .....logging.logger import JinaLogger
from .....types.request import Request

[docs]def get_fastapi_app(args: 'argparse.Namespace', logger: 'JinaLogger'): """ Get the app from FastAPI as the Websocket interface. :param args: passed arguments. :param logger: Jina logger. :return: fastapi app """ with ImportExtensions(required=True): from fastapi import FastAPI, WebSocket, WebSocketDisconnect class ConnectionManager: def __init__(self): self.active_connections: List[WebSocket] = [] async def connect(self, websocket: WebSocket): await websocket.accept() self.active_connections.append(websocket) def disconnect(self, websocket: WebSocket): self.active_connections.remove(websocket) manager = ConnectionManager() app = FastAPI() zmqlet = AsyncZmqlet(args, logger) servicer = PrefetchCaller(args, zmqlet) @app.on_event('shutdown') async def _shutdown(): await servicer.close() zmqlet.close() @app.websocket('/') async def websocket_endpoint(websocket: WebSocket): await manager.connect(websocket) async def req_iter(): while True: data = await websocket.receive_bytes() if data == bytes(True): break yield Request(data) try: async for msg in servicer.send(request_iterator=req_iter()): await websocket.send_bytes(msg.binary_str()) except WebSocketDisconnect: manager.disconnect(websocket) return app