Source code for jina.peapods.runtimes.container.helper

import os
import socket
from typing import Optional, TYPE_CHECKING

[docs]def get_docker_network(client) -> Optional[str]: """Do a best-effort guess if the caller is already in a docker network Check if `hostname` exists in list of docker containers. If a container is found, check its network id :param client: docker client object :return: network id if exists """ import docker if TYPE_CHECKING: from docker.models.containers import Container container: 'Container' = None try: hostname = socket.gethostname() container = client.containers.get(hostname) except docker.errors.NotFound: try: # with open('/proc/1/cpuset') as f: hostname = os.path.basename( container = client.containers.get(hostname) except Exception: return None try: networks = container.attrs['NetworkSettings']['Networks'] if networks: net_mode = list(networks.keys())[0] return networks[net_mode]['NetworkID'] else: return None except Exception: return None