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from .app import get_fastapi_app
from ..base import AsyncNewLoopRuntime
from .....importer import ImportExtensions

__all__ = ['RESTRuntime']

[docs]class RESTRuntime(AsyncNewLoopRuntime): """Runtime for REST."""
[docs] async def async_setup(self): """ The async method setup the runtime. Setup the uvicorn server. """ with ImportExtensions(required=True): from uvicorn import Config, Server class UviServer(Server): """The uvicorn server.""" async def setup(self, sockets=None): """ Setup uvicorn server. :param sockets: sockets of server. """ config = self.config if not config.loaded: config.load() self.lifespan = config.lifespan_class(config) self.install_signal_handlers() await self.startup(sockets=sockets) if self.should_exit: return async def serve(self, sockets=None): """ Start the server. :param sockets: sockets of server. """ await self.main_loop() await self.shutdown(sockets=sockets) # change log_level for REST server debugging # TODO(Deepankar): The default `websockets` implementation needs the max_size to be set. # But uvicorn doesn't expose a config for max_size of a ws message, hence falling back to `ws='wsproto'` # Change to 'auto' once gets merged, # as 'wsproto' is less performant and adds another dependency. self._server = UviServer( config=Config( app=get_fastapi_app(self.args, self.logger),, port=self.args.port_expose, ws='wsproto', log_level='critical', ) ) await self._server.setup() self.logger.success( f'{self.__class__.__name__} is listening at: {}:{self.args.port_expose}' )
[docs] async def async_run_forever(self): """Running method of ther server.""" await self._server.serve()
[docs] async def async_cancel(self): """Stop the server.""" self._server.should_exit = True