Source code for jina.peapods.runtimes

from .asyncio.grpc import GRPCRuntime
from import RESTRuntime
from .container import ContainerRuntime
from .jinad import JinadRuntime
from .ssh import SSHRuntime
from .zmq.zed import ZEDRuntime

[docs]def list_all_runtimes(): """List all public runtimes that can be used directly with :class:`jina.peapods.peas.BasePea`""" from ...peapods.runtimes.base import BaseRuntime return [ k for k, s in globals().items() if isinstance(s, type) and issubclass(s, BaseRuntime) ]
[docs]def get_runtime(name: str): """Get a public runtime by its name""" from ...peapods.runtimes.base import BaseRuntime s = globals()[name] if isinstance(s, type) and issubclass(s, BaseRuntime): return s else: raise TypeError(f'{s!r} is not in type {BaseRuntime!r}')