Source code for jina.peapods.networking

from argparse import Namespace
import ipaddress

from .. import __default_host__, __docker_host__
from ..helper import get_public_ip, get_internal_ip

[docs]def is_remote_local_connection(first: str, second: str): """ Decides, whether ``first`` is remote host and ``second`` is localhost :param first: the ip or host name of the first runtime :param second: the ip or host name of the second runtime :return: True, if first is remote and second is local """ try: first_ip = ipaddress.ip_address(first) first_global = first_ip.is_global except ValueError: if first == 'localhost': first_global = False else: first_global = True try: second_ip = ipaddress.ip_address(second) second_local = second_ip.is_private or second_ip.is_loopback except ValueError: if second == 'localhost': second_local = True else: second_local = False return first_global and second_local
[docs]def get_connect_host( bind_host: str, bind_expose_public: bool, connect_args: Namespace, ) -> str: """ Compute the host address for ``connect_args`` :param bind_host: the ip for binding :param bind_expose_public: True, if bind socket should be exposed publicly :param connect_args: configuration for the host ip connection :return: host ip """ runs_in_docker = connect_args.runs_in_docker # by default __default_host__ is # is BIND at local bind_local = bind_host == __default_host__ # is CONNECT at local conn_local = == __default_host__ # is CONNECT inside docker? # check if `uses` has 'docker://' or, # it is a remote pea managed by jinad. (all remote peas are inside docker) conn_docker = ( ( getattr(connect_args, 'uses', None) is not None and ( connect_args.uses.startswith('docker://') or connect_args.uses.startswith('jinahub+docker://') ) ) or not conn_local or runs_in_docker ) # is BIND & CONNECT all on the same remote? bind_conn_same_remote = ( not bind_local and not conn_local and (bind_host == ) # pod1 in local, pod2 in local (conn_docker if pod2 in docker) if bind_local and conn_local: return __docker_host__ if conn_docker else __default_host__ # pod1 and pod2 are remote but they are in the same host (pod2 is local w.r.t pod1) if bind_conn_same_remote: return __docker_host__ if conn_docker else __default_host__ if bind_local and not conn_local: # in this case we are telling CONN (at remote) our local ip address if'localhost'): # this is for the "psuedo" remote tests to pass return __docker_host__ return get_public_ip() if bind_expose_public else get_internal_ip() else: # in this case we (at local) need to know about remote the BIND address return bind_host