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"""Argparser module for pinging"""
from jina.parsers.base import set_base_parser

[docs]def set_ping_parser(parser=None): """Set the parser for `ping` :param parser: an existing parser to build upon :return: the parser """ if not parser: parser = set_base_parser() parser.add_argument( 'host', type=str, help='The host address of the target Pod, e.g.' ) parser.add_argument( 'port', type=int, help='The control port of the target deployment/pod' ) parser.add_argument( '--timeout', type=int, default=3000, help=''' Timeout in millisecond of one check -1 for waiting forever ''', ) parser.add_argument( '--retries', type=int, default=3, help='The max number of tried health checks before exit with exit code 1', ) return parser