Source code for jina.parsers.peapods.pea

"""Argparser module for Pea runtimes"""
import argparse

from ..helper import add_arg_group, _SHOW_ALL_ARGS, KVAppendAction
from ...enums import PeaRoleType, RuntimeBackendType

[docs]def mixin_pea_parser(parser): """Mixing in arguments required by :class:`BasePea` into the given parser. :param parser: the parser instance to which we add arguments """ gp = add_arg_group(parser, title='Pea') gp.add_argument( '--daemon', action='store_true', default=False, help='The Pea attempts to terminate all of its Runtime child processes/threads on existing. ' 'setting it to true basically tell the Pea do not wait on the Runtime when closing', ) gp.add_argument( '--runtime-backend', '--runtime', type=RuntimeBackendType.from_string, choices=list(RuntimeBackendType), default=RuntimeBackendType.PROCESS, help='The parallel backend of the runtime inside the Pea', ) gp.add_argument( '--runtime-cls', type=str, default='ZEDRuntime', help='The runtime class to run inside the Pea', ) gp.add_argument( '--timeout-ready', type=int, default=600000, help='The timeout in milliseconds of a Pea waits for the runtime to be ready, -1 for waiting ' 'forever', ) gp.add_argument( '--env', action=KVAppendAction, metavar='KEY: VALUE', nargs='*', help='The map of environment variables that are available inside runtime', ) gp.add_argument( '--expose-public', action='store_true', default=False, help='If set, expose the public IP address to remote when necessary, by default it exposes' 'private IP address, which only allows accessing under the same network/subnet. Important to ' 'set this to true when the Pea will receive input connections from remote Peas', ) # hidden CLI used for internal only gp.add_argument( '--pea-id', type=int, default=0, help='defines the suffix for the workspace path of the pea`' if _SHOW_ALL_ARGS else argparse.SUPPRESS, ) gp.add_argument( '--pea-role', type=PeaRoleType.from_string, choices=list(PeaRoleType), default=PeaRoleType.SINGLETON, help='The role of this Pea in a Pod' if _SHOW_ALL_ARGS else argparse.SUPPRESS, ) gp.add_argument( '--noblock-on-start', action='store_true', default=False, help='If set, starting a Pea/Pod does not block the thread/process. It then relies on ' '`wait_start_success` at outer function for the postpone check.' if _SHOW_ALL_ARGS else argparse.SUPPRESS, ) gp.add_argument( '--runs-in-docker', action='store_true', default=False, help='Informs a Pea that runs in a container. Important to properly set networking information' if _SHOW_ALL_ARGS else argparse.SUPPRESS, )