Source code for jina.parsers.orchestrate.runtimes.container

"""Argparser module for container runtimes"""
from jina.parsers.helper import KVAppendAction, add_arg_group

[docs]def mixin_container_runtime_parser(parser): """Mixing in arguments required by :class:`ContainerRuntime` into the given parser. :param parser: the parser instance to which we add arguments """ gp = add_arg_group(parser, title='ContainerRuntime') gp.add_argument( '--entrypoint', type=str, help='The entrypoint command overrides the ENTRYPOINT in Docker image. ' 'when not set then the Docker image ENTRYPOINT takes effective.', ) gp.add_argument( '--docker-kwargs', action=KVAppendAction, metavar='KEY: VALUE', nargs='*', help=''' Dictionary of kwargs arguments that will be passed to Docker SDK when starting the docker ' container. More details can be found in the Docker SDK docs: ''', ) gp.add_argument( '--volumes', type=str, nargs='*', metavar='DIR', help=''' The path on the host to be mounted inside the container. Note, - If separated by `:`, then the first part will be considered as the local host path and the second part is the path in the container system. - If no split provided, then the basename of that directory will be mounted into container's root path, e.g. `--volumes="/user/test/my-workspace"` will be mounted into `/my-workspace` inside the container. - All volumes are mounted with read-write mode. ''', ) gp.add_argument( '--gpus', type=str, help=''' This argument allows dockerized Jina executor discover local gpu devices. Note, - To access all gpus, use `--gpus all`. - To access multiple gpus, e.g. make use of 2 gpus, use `--gpus 2`. - To access specified gpus based on device id, use `--gpus device=[YOUR-GPU-DEVICE-ID]` - To access specified gpus based on multiple device id, use `--gpus device=[YOUR-GPU-DEVICE-ID1],device=[YOUR-GPU-DEVICE-ID2]` - To specify more parameters, use `--gpus device=[YOUR-GPU-DEVICE-ID],runtime=nvidia,capabilities=display ''', ) gp.add_argument( '--disable-auto-volume', action='store_true', default=False, help='Do not automatically mount a volume for dockerized Executors.', )