Source code for jina.parsers.hubble.pull

"""Argparser module for hub push"""
from ..helper import add_arg_group

[docs]def mixin_hub_pull_parser(parser): """Add the arguments for hub pull to the parser :param parser: the parser configure """ def hub_uri(uri: str) -> str: from ...hubble.helper import parse_hub_uri parse_hub_uri(uri) return uri gp = add_arg_group(parser, title='Pull') gp.add_argument( 'uri', type=hub_uri, help='The URI of the executor to pull (e.g., jinahub[+docker]://UUID8)', ) gp.add_argument( '--install-requirements', action='store_true', default=False, help='If set, install `requirements.txt` in the Hub Executor bundle to the local system', )