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"""Argparser module for hub new"""

from jina.parsers.helper import add_arg_group

[docs]def mixin_hub_new_parser(parser): """Add the arguments for hub new to the parser :param parser: the parser configure """ gp = add_arg_group(parser, title='Create Executor') gp.add_argument( '--name', help='the name of the Executor', type=str, ) gp.add_argument( '--path', help='the path to store the Executor', type=str, ) gp.add_argument( '--advance-configuration', help='If set, always set up advance configuration like description, keywords and url', action='store_true', ) gp.add_argument( '--description', help='the short description of the Executor', type=str, ) gp.add_argument( '--keywords', help='some keywords to help people search your Executor (separated by comma)', type=str, ) gp.add_argument( '--url', help='the URL of your GitHub repo', type=str, ) gp.add_argument( '--add-dockerfile', help='If set, add a Dockerfile to the created Executor bundle', action='store_true', )