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"""Argparser module for hub new"""
from ..helper import add_arg_group

[docs]def mixin_hub_new_parser(parser): """Add the options for `hub new` to the parser :param parser: the parser """ gp = add_arg_group(parser, title='Create') gp.add_argument( '--output-dir', type=str, default='.', help='where to output the generated project dir into.', ) gp.add_argument( '--template', type=str, default='', help='The cookiecutter template directory containing a project template directory, or a URL to a git repository. Only used when `--type template`', ) gp.add_argument( '--type', type=str, default='pod', choices=['pod', 'app', 'template'], help='The template type for executor hub pod or app using cookiecutter.', ) gp.add_argument( '--overwrite', action='store_true', default=False, help='overwrite the contents of output directory if it exists', )