Source code for jina.parsers.helper

"""Module for helper functions in the parser"""
import argparse
import os
from typing import Tuple

_SHOW_ALL_ARGS = 'JINA_FULL_CLI' in os.environ

[docs]def add_arg_group(parser, title): """Add the arguments for a specific group to the parser :param parser: the parser configure :param title: the group name :return: the new parser """ return parser.add_argument_group(f'{title} arguments')
[docs]class KVAppendAction(argparse.Action): """argparse action to split an argument into KEY=VALUE form on the first = and append to a dictionary. This is used for setting up --env """ def __call__(self, parser, args, values, option_string=None): """ call the KVAppendAction .. # noqa: DAR401 :param parser: the parser :param args: args to initialize the values :param values: the values to add to the parser :param option_string: inherited, not used """ import json import re from jina.helper import parse_arg d = getattr(args, self.dest) or {} for value in values: try: d.update(json.loads(value)) except json.JSONDecodeError: try: k, v = re.split(r'[:=]\s*', value, maxsplit=1) except ValueError: raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError( f'could not parse argument \"{values[0]}\" as k=v format' ) d[k] = parse_arg(v) setattr(args, self.dest, d)
class _ColoredHelpFormatter(argparse.ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter): class _Section(object): def __init__(self, formatter, parent, heading=None): self.formatter = formatter self.parent = parent self.heading = heading self.items = [] def format_help(self): # format the indented section if self.parent is not None: self.formatter._indent() join = self.formatter._join_parts item_help = join([func(*args) for func, args in self.items]) if self.parent is not None: self.formatter._dedent() # return nothing if the section was empty if not item_help.strip(): return '' # add the heading if the section was non-empty if self.heading is not argparse.SUPPRESS and self.heading is not None: from jina.helper import colored current_indent = self.formatter._current_indent captial_heading = ' '.join( v[0].upper() + v[1:] for v in self.heading.split(' ') ) heading = '%*s%s\n' % ( current_indent, '', colored(f'▮ {captial_heading}', 'cyan', attrs=['bold']), ) else: heading = '' # join the section-initial newline, the heading and the help return join(['\n', heading, item_help, '\n']) def start_section(self, heading): self._indent() section = self._Section(self, self._current_section, heading) self._add_item(section.format_help, []) self._current_section = section def _get_help_string(self, action): help_string = '' if '%(default)' not in if action.default is not argparse.SUPPRESS: from jina.helper import colored defaulting_nargs = [argparse.OPTIONAL, argparse.ZERO_OR_MORE] if isinstance(action, argparse._StoreTrueAction): help_string = colored( 'default: %s' % ( 'enabled' if action.default else f'disabled, use "{action.option_strings[0]}" to enable it' ), attrs=['dark'], ) elif action.choices: choices_str = f'{{{", ".join([str(c) for c in action.choices])}}}' help_string = colored( 'choose from: ' + choices_str + '; default: %(default)s', attrs=['dark'], ) elif action.option_strings or action.nargs in defaulting_nargs: help_string = colored( 'type: %(type)s; default: %(default)s', attrs=['dark'] ) return f''' {help_string} {} ''' def _join_parts(self, part_strings): return '\n' + ''.join( [part for part in part_strings if part and part is not argparse.SUPPRESS] ) def _get_default_metavar_for_optional(self, action): return '' def _expand_help(self, action): params = dict(vars(action), prog=self._prog) for name in list(params): if params[name] is argparse.SUPPRESS: del params[name] for name in list(params): if hasattr(params[name], '__name__'): params[name] = params[name].__name__ return self._get_help_string(action) % params def _metavar_formatter(self, action, default_metavar): if action.metavar is not None: result = action.metavar elif action.choices is not None: if len(action.choices) > 4: choice_strs = ', '.join([str(c) for c in action.choices][:4]) result = f'{{{choice_strs} ... {len(action.choices) - 4} more choices}}' else: choice_strs = ', '.join([str(c) for c in action.choices]) result = f'{{{choice_strs}}}' else: result = default_metavar def formatter(tuple_size): if isinstance(result, tuple): return result else: return (result,) * tuple_size return formatter def _split_lines(self, text, width): return self._para_reformat(text, width) def _fill_text(self, text, width, indent): lines = self._para_reformat(text, width) return '\n'.join(lines) def _indents(self, line) -> Tuple[int, int]: """Return line indent level and "sub_indent" for bullet list text. :param line: the line to check :return: indentation of line and indentation of sub-items """ import re indent = len(re.match(r'( *)', line).group(1)) list_match = re.match(r'( *)(([*\-+>]+|\w+\)|\w+\.) +)', line) if list_match: sub_indent = indent + len( else: sub_indent = indent return indent, sub_indent def _split_paragraphs(self, text): """Split text into paragraphs of like-indented lines. :param text: the text input :return: list of paragraphs """ import re import textwrap text = textwrap.dedent(text).strip() text = re.sub('\n\n[\n]+', '\n\n', text) last_sub_indent = None paragraphs = list() for line in text.splitlines(): (indent, sub_indent) = self._indents(line) is_text = len(line.strip()) > 0 if is_text and indent == sub_indent == last_sub_indent: paragraphs[-1] += ' ' + line else: paragraphs.append(line) if is_text: last_sub_indent = sub_indent else: last_sub_indent = None return paragraphs def _para_reformat(self, text, width): """Format text, by paragraph. :param text: the text to format :param width: the width to apply :return: the new text """ import textwrap lines = list() for paragraph in self._split_paragraphs(text): (indent, sub_indent) = self._indents(paragraph) paragraph = self._whitespace_matcher.sub(' ', paragraph).strip() new_lines = textwrap.wrap( text=paragraph, width=width, initial_indent=' ' * indent, subsequent_indent=' ' * sub_indent, ) # Blank lines get eaten by textwrap, put it back lines.extend(new_lines or ['']) return lines _chf = _ColoredHelpFormatter