Source code for jina.parsers.deprecated

    'override_with': 'uses_with',
    'override_metas': 'uses_metas',
    'override_requests': 'uses_requests',
    'port_expose': 'port',
    'parallel': 'One of "shards" (when dividing data in indexers) or "replicas" (replicating Executors for performance and reliability)',
    'port_in': 'port',
    'host_in': 'host',
    'https': 'tls',
    'disable_reduce': 'no_reduce',
    'deployments_disable_reduce': 'deployments_no_reduce',

[docs]def get_deprecated_replacement(dep_arg: str) -> str: """Get the replacement of a deprecated argument :param dep_arg: the old dep arg :return: the new argument """ normalized_arg = dep_arg.replace('--', '').replace('-', '_') if normalized_arg in DEPRECATED_ARGS_MAPPING: new_argument = DEPRECATED_ARGS_MAPPING[normalized_arg] if '-' in dep_arg: new_argument = new_argument.replace('_', '-') if dep_arg.startswith('--'): new_argument = '--' + new_argument elif dep_arg.startswith('-'): new_argument = '-' + new_argument return new_argument