Source code for jina.parsers.base

"""Module containing the base parser for arguments of Jina."""
import argparse

from jina.parsers.helper import _chf

[docs]def set_base_parser(): """Set the base parser :return: the parser """ from jina import __version__ from jina.helper import colored, format_full_version_info, get_full_version # create the top-level parser urls = { 'Code': ('💻', ''), 'Docs': ('📖', ''), 'Help': ('💬', ''), 'Hiring!': ('🙌', ''), } url_str = '\n'.join( f'- {v[0]:<10} {k:10.10}\t{colored(v[1], "cyan", attrs=["underline"])}' for k, v in urls.items() ) parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( epilog=f''' Jina v{colored(__version__, "green")}: Build multimodal AI services via cloud native technologies. {url_str} ''', formatter_class=_chf, ) parser.add_argument( '-v', '--version', action='version', version=__version__, help='Show Jina version', ) parser.add_argument( '-vf', '--version-full', action='version', version=format_full_version_info(*get_full_version()), help='Show Jina and all dependencies\' versions', ) return parser