Source code for jina.orchestrate.pods.factory

from argparse import Namespace
from copy import deepcopy
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Type

from hubble.executor.helper import is_valid_huburi
from hubble.executor.hubio import HubIO

from jina.enums import PodRoleType
from jina.orchestrate.pods import Pod
from jina.orchestrate.pods.container import ContainerPod

    from jina.orchestrate.pods import BasePod

[docs]class PodFactory: """ A PodFactory is a factory class, abstracting the Pod creation """
[docs] @staticmethod def build_pod(args: 'Namespace') -> Type['BasePod']: """Build an implementation of a `BasePod` interface :param args: deployment arguments parsed from the CLI. :return: the created BaseDeployment """ # copy to update but forward original cargs = deepcopy(args) if is_valid_huburi(cargs.uses): _hub_args = deepcopy(args) _hub_args.uri = args.uses _hub_args.no_usage = True cargs.uses = HubIO(_hub_args).pull() if ( cargs.pod_role != PodRoleType.HEAD and cargs.uses and cargs.uses.startswith('docker://') ): return ContainerPod(cargs) else: return Pod(args)