Source code for jina.jaml.parsers.flow.legacy

from typing import Dict, Any, Type

from ..base import VersionedYAMLParser
from ....enums import PodRoleType
from ....flow.base import Flow
from ....helper import expand_env_var, ArgNamespace
from ....parsers import set_gateway_parser, set_pod_parser

[docs]class LegacyParser(VersionedYAMLParser): """The legacy parser.""" version = 'legacy' # the version number this parser designed for
[docs] def parse(self, cls: Type['Flow'], data: Dict) -> 'Flow': """ :param cls: target class type to parse into, must be a :class:`JAMLCompatible` type :param data: flow yaml file loaded as python dict :return: the Flow YAML parser given the syntax version number """ p = data.get('with', {}) # type: Dict[str, Any] a = p.pop('args') if 'args' in p else () k = p.pop('kwargs') if 'kwargs' in p else {} # maybe there are some hanging kwargs in "parameters" tmp_a = (expand_env_var(v) for v in a) tmp_p = {kk: expand_env_var(vv) for kk, vv in {**k, **p}.items()} obj = cls(*tmp_a, **tmp_p) pp = data.get('pods', {}) for pod_name, pod_attr in pp.items(): p_pod_attr = {kk: expand_env_var(vv) for kk, vv in pod_attr.items()} if pod_name != 'gateway': # ignore gateway when reading, it will be added during build() obj.add(name=pod_name, **p_pod_attr, copy_flow=False) return obj
[docs] def dump(self, data: 'Flow') -> Dict: """ :param data: versioned flow object :return: the dictionary given a versioned flow object """ r = {} if data._version: r['version'] = data._version if data._kwargs: r['with'] = data._kwargs if data._pod_nodes: r['pods'] = {} if 'gateway' in data._pod_nodes: # always dump gateway as the first pod, if exist r['pods']['gateway'] = {} for k, v in data._pod_nodes.items(): if k == 'gateway': continue kwargs = {'needs': list(v.needs)} if v.needs else {} parser = set_pod_parser() if v.role == PodRoleType.GATEWAY: parser = set_gateway_parser() non_default_kw = ArgNamespace.get_non_defaults_args(v.args, parser) kwargs.update(non_default_kw) if 'name' in kwargs: kwargs.pop('name') r['pods'][k] = kwargs return r