Source code for jina.jaml.parsers.driver.legacy

from typing import Dict, Type

from ..base import VersionedYAMLParser
from ....drivers import BaseDriver

[docs]class LegacyParser(VersionedYAMLParser): """Legacy parser for driver.""" version = 'legacy' # the version number this parser designed for
[docs] def parse(self, cls: Type['BaseDriver'], data: Dict) -> 'BaseDriver': """ :param cls: target class type to parse into, must be a :class:`JAMLCompatible` type :param data: flow yaml file loaded as python dict :return: the Flow YAML parser given the syntax version number """ obj = cls(**data.get('with', {})) return obj
[docs] def dump(self, data: 'BaseDriver') -> Dict: """ :param data: versioned flow object :return: dictionary given a versioned flow object """ a = {k: v for k, v in data._init_kwargs_dict.items()} r = {} if a: r['with'] = a return r