Source code for jina.jaml.parsers

import warnings
from typing import List, Optional, Type

from jina.excepts import BadYAMLVersion
from jina.jaml import JAMLCompatible
from jina.jaml.parsers.base import VersionedYAMLParser
from jina.serve.gateway import BaseGateway

def _get_all_parser(cls: Type['JAMLCompatible']):
    """Get all parsers and legacy parser of a class

    :param cls: target class
    :return: a tuple of two elements; first is a list of all parsers, second is the legacy parser for default fallback
    from jina.orchestrate.flow.base import Flow
    from jina.serve.executors import BaseExecutor

    if issubclass(cls, Flow):
        return _get_flow_parser()
    elif issubclass(cls, BaseExecutor):
        return _get_exec_parser()
    elif issubclass(cls, BaseGateway):
        return _get_gateway_parser()
        raise NotImplementedError(f'No parser exists for cls {cls.__name__}')

def _get_flow_parser():
    from jina.jaml.parsers.flow.v1 import V1Parser

    return [V1Parser], V1Parser

def _get_exec_parser():
    from jina.jaml.parsers.executor.legacy import ExecutorLegacyParser

    return [ExecutorLegacyParser], ExecutorLegacyParser

def _get_gateway_parser():
    from jina.jaml.parsers.gateway.legacy import GatewayLegacyParser

    return [GatewayLegacyParser], GatewayLegacyParser

[docs]def get_parser( cls: Type['JAMLCompatible'], version: Optional[str] ) -> 'VersionedYAMLParser': """ .. # noqa: DAR401 :param cls: the target class to parse :param version: yaml version number in "MAJOR[.MINOR]" format :return: parser given the YAML version """ all_parsers, legacy_parser = _get_all_parser(cls) if version: if isinstance(version, (float, int)): version = str(version) for p in all_parsers: if p.version == version: return p() for p in all_parsers: # fallback to major if version.split('.')[0] == p.version: warnings.warn( f'can not find parser for version: {version}, ' f'fallback to parser for version: {p.version}', UserWarning, ) return p() raise BadYAMLVersion(f'{version} is not a valid version number') else: if version is not None: warnings.warn( f'can not find parser for version: {version}, ' f'fallback to legacy parser. ' f'this usually mean you are using a deprecated YAML format.', DeprecationWarning, ) # fallback to legacy parser return legacy_parser()
[docs]def get_supported_versions(cls) -> List[str]: """List all supported versions :param cls: the class to check :return: supported versions sorted alphabetically """ all_parsers, _ = _get_all_parser(cls) return list(sorted(p.version for p in all_parsers))