Source code for jina.excepts

"""This modules defines all kinds of exceptions raised in Jina."""
from typing import Set, Union

import grpc.aio

[docs]class BaseJinaException(BaseException): """A base class for all exceptions raised by Jina"""
[docs]class RuntimeFailToStart(SystemError, BaseJinaException): """When pod/deployment is failed to started."""
[docs]class RuntimeTerminated(KeyboardInterrupt, BaseJinaException): """The event loop of BasePod ends."""
[docs]class FlowTopologyError(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Flow exception when the topology is ambiguous."""
[docs]class FlowMissingDeploymentError(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Flow exception when a deployment can not be found in the flow."""
[docs]class FlowBuildLevelError(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Flow exception when required build level is higher than the current build level."""
[docs]class BadConfigSource(FileNotFoundError, BaseJinaException): """The yaml config file is bad, not loadable or not exist."""
[docs]class BadServerFlow(Exception, BaseJinaException): """A wrongly defined Flow on the server side"""
[docs]class BadClient(Exception, BaseJinaException): """A wrongly defined client, can not communicate with jina server correctly."""
[docs]class BadServer(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Error happens on the server side."""
[docs]class BadClientCallback(BadClient, BaseJinaException): """Error in the callback function on the client side."""
[docs]class BadClientInput(BadClient, BaseJinaException): """Error in the request generator function on the client side."""
[docs]class BadRequestType(TypeError, BaseJinaException): """Exception when can not construct a request object from given data."""
[docs]class BadImageNameError(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Exception when an image name can not be found either local & remote"""
[docs]class BadYAMLVersion(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Exception when YAML config specifies a wrong version number."""
[docs]class NotSupportedError(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Exception when user accidentally using a retired argument."""
[docs]class RuntimeRunForeverEarlyError(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Raised when an error occurs when starting the run_forever of Runtime"""
[docs]class DockerVersionError(SystemError, BaseJinaException): """Raised when the docker version is incompatible"""
[docs]class NoContainerizedError(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Raised when trying to use non-containerized Executor in K8s or Docker Compose"""
[docs]class PortAlreadyUsed(RuntimeError, BaseJinaException): """Raised when trying to use a port which is already used"""
[docs]class EstablishGrpcConnectionError(Exception, BaseJinaException): """Raised when Exception occurs when establishing or resetting gRPC connection"""
[docs]class InternalNetworkError(grpc.aio.AioRpcError, BaseJinaException): """ Raised when communication between microservices fails. Needed to propagate information about the root cause event, such as request_id and dest_addr. """ def __init__( self, og_exception: grpc.aio.AioRpcError, request_id: str = '', dest_addr: Union[str, Set[str]] = {''}, details: str = '', ): """ :param og_exception: the original exception that caused the network error :param request_id: id of the request that caused the error :param dest_addr: destination (microservice) address(es) of the problematic network call(s) :param details: details of the error """ self.og_exception = og_exception self.request_id = request_id self.dest_addr = dest_addr self._details = details super().__init__( og_exception.code(), og_exception.initial_metadata(), og_exception.trailing_metadata(), self.details(), og_exception.debug_error_string(), ) def __str__(self): return self.details() def __repr__(self): return self.__str__()
[docs] def code(self): """ :return: error code of this exception """ return self.og_exception.code()
[docs] def details(self): """ :return: details of this exception """ return self._details if self._details else self.og_exception.details()