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__copyright__ = "Copyright (c) 2020 Jina AI Limited. All rights reserved."
__license__ = "Apache-2.0"

from typing import Iterable, Tuple, Optional

from . import (
from ..types.document import Document
from ..types.score import NamedScore

if False:
    from ..types.sets import DocumentSet

[docs]class BaseSearchDriver(BaseExecutableDriver): """Drivers inherited from this Driver will bind :meth:`query` by default """ def __init__( self, executor: Optional[str] = None, method: str = 'query', traversal_paths: Tuple[str] = ('r', 'c'), *args, **kwargs, ): super().__init__( executor, method, traversal_paths=traversal_paths, *args, **kwargs )
[docs]class KVSearchDriver(ContextAwareRecursiveMixin, BaseSearchDriver): """Fill in the results using the :class:`jina.executors.indexers.meta.BinaryPbIndexer` .. warning:: This driver runs a query for each document. This may not be very efficient, as the total number of queries grows cubic with the number of documents, chunks per document and top-k. - traversal_paths = ['m'] => D x K - traversal_paths = ['r'] => D - traversal_paths = ['cm'] => D x C x K - traversal_paths = ['m', 'cm'] => D x K + D x C x K where: - D is the number of queries - C is the number of chunks per document - K is the top-k :param is_update: when set to true the retrieved docs are merged into current message; otherwise, the retrieved Document overrides the existing Document :param traversal_paths: traversal paths for the driver :param args: additional positional arguments which are just used for the parent initialization :param kwargs: additional key value arguments which are just used for the parent initialization """ def __init__( self, is_update: bool = True, traversal_paths: Tuple[str] = ('m',), *args, **kwargs, ): super().__init__(traversal_paths=traversal_paths, *args, **kwargs) self._is_update = is_update def _apply_all( self, doc_sequences: Iterable['DocumentSet'], *args, **kwargs ) -> None: for docs in doc_sequences: miss_idx = ( [] ) #: missed hit results, some search may not end with results. especially in shards for idx, retrieved_doc in enumerate(docs): serialized_doc = self.exec_fn( if serialized_doc: r = Document(serialized_doc) if self._is_update: retrieved_doc.update(r) else: retrieved_doc.CopyFrom(r) else: miss_idx.append(idx) # delete non-existed matches in reverse for j in reversed(miss_idx): del docs[j]
[docs]class VectorFillDriver(FlatRecursiveMixin, QuerySetReader, BaseSearchDriver): """Fill in the embedding by their document id.""" def __init__( self, executor: Optional[str] = None, method: str = 'query_by_key', *args, **kwargs, ): super().__init__(executor, method, *args, **kwargs) def _apply_all(self, docs: 'DocumentSet', *args, **kwargs) -> None: embeds = self.exec_fn([ for d in docs]) for doc, embedding in zip(docs, embeds): doc.embedding = embedding
[docs]class VectorSearchDriver(FlatRecursiveMixin, QuerySetReader, BaseSearchDriver): """Extract embeddings from the request for the executor to query. :param top_k: top-k document ids to retrieve :param fill_embedding: fill in the embedding of the corresponding doc, this requires the executor to implement :meth:`query_by_key` :param args: additional positional arguments which are just used for the parent initialization :param kwargs: additional key value arguments which are just used for the parent initialization""" def __init__(self, top_k: int = 50, fill_embedding: bool = False, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self._top_k = top_k self._fill_embedding = fill_embedding def _apply_all(self, docs: 'DocumentSet', *args, **kwargs) -> None: embed_vecs, doc_pts = docs.all_embeddings if not doc_pts: return fill_fn = getattr(self.exec, 'query_by_key', None) if self._fill_embedding and not fill_fn: self.logger.warning( f'"fill_embedding=True" but {self.exec} does not have "query_by_key" method' ) idx, dist = self.exec_fn(embed_vecs, top_k=int(self.top_k)) op_name = self.exec.__class__.__name__ for doc, topks, scores in zip(doc_pts, idx, dist): topk_embed = ( fill_fn(topks) if (self._fill_embedding and fill_fn) else [None] * len(topks) ) for numpy_match_id, score, vec in zip(topks, scores, topk_embed): m = Document(id=numpy_match_id) m.score = NamedScore(op_name=op_name, value=score) r = doc.matches.append(m) if vec is not None: r.embedding = vec