Source code for jina.clients.helper

"""Helper functions for clients in Jina."""

from functools import wraps
from typing import Callable

from jina.excepts import BadClientCallback, BadServer
from jina.helper import get_rich_console
from jina.logging.logger import JinaLogger
from jina.proto import jina_pb2
from import Response

[docs]def pprint_routes(resp: 'Response', stack_limit: int = 3): """Pretty print routes with :mod:`prettytable`, fallback to :func:`print`. :param resp: the :class:`Response` object :param stack_limit: traceback limit """ routes = resp.routes from rich import box from rich.table import Table table = Table(box=box.SIMPLE) for v in ('Executor', 'Time', 'Exception'): table.add_column(v) for route in routes: status_icon = '🟢' if route.status.code == jina_pb2.StatusProto.ERROR: status_icon = '🔴' table.add_row( f'{status_icon} {route.executor}', f'{route.start_time.ToMilliseconds() - routes[0].start_time.ToMilliseconds()}ms', ''.join(route.status.exception.stacks[-stack_limit:]), ) console = get_rich_console() console.print(table)
def _safe_callback(func: Callable, continue_on_error: bool, logger) -> Callable: @wraps(func) def _arg_wrapper(*args, **kwargs): try: return func(*args, **kwargs) except Exception as ex: err_msg = f'uncaught exception in callback {func.__name__}(): {ex!r}' if continue_on_error: logger.error(err_msg) else: raise BadClientCallback(err_msg) from ex return _arg_wrapper
[docs]def callback_exec( response, on_done: Callable, on_error: Callable, on_always: Callable, continue_on_error: bool, logger: JinaLogger, ) -> None: """Execute the callback with the response. :param response: the response :param on_done: the on_done callback :param on_error: the on_error callback :param on_always: the on_always callback :param continue_on_error: whether to continue on error :param logger: a logger instance """ if response.header.status.code >= jina_pb2.StatusProto.ERROR: if on_error: _safe_callback(on_error, continue_on_error, logger)(response) elif continue_on_error: logger.error(f'Server error: {response.header}') else: raise BadServer(response.header) elif on_done and response.header.status.code == jina_pb2.StatusProto.SUCCESS: _safe_callback(on_done, continue_on_error, logger)(response) if on_always: _safe_callback(on_always, continue_on_error, logger)(response)