Source code for jina.clients.grpc

from .base.grpc import GRPCBaseClient
from .mixin import AsyncPostMixin, PostMixin

[docs]class GRPCClient(GRPCBaseClient, PostMixin): """A client communicates the server with GRPC protocol."""
[docs]class AsyncGRPCClient(GRPCBaseClient, AsyncPostMixin): """ A client communicates the server with GRPC protocol. Unlike :class:`GRPCClient`, here :meth:`post` is a coroutine (i.e. declared with the async/await syntax), simply calling them will not schedule them to be executed. To actually run a coroutine, user need to put them in an event loop, e.g. via ````, ``asyncio.create_task()``. :class:`AsyncGRPCClient` can be very useful in the integration settings, where Jina/Flow/Client is NOT the main logic, but rather served as a part of other program. In this case, users often do not want to let Jina control the ``asyncio.eventloop``. On contrary, :class:`Client` is controlling and wrapping the event loop internally, making the Client looks synchronous from outside. """