Source code for jina.clients.base.grpc

import asyncio
from contextlib import nullcontext
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Optional

import grpc

from ..base import BaseClient
from ..helper import callback_exec
from ...excepts import BadClient, BadClientInput
from ...logging.profile import ProgressBar
from ...proto import jina_pb2_grpc

    from . import InputType, CallbackFnType

[docs]class GRPCBaseClient(BaseClient): """A simple Python client for connecting to the gRPC gateway. It manages the asyncio event loop internally, so all interfaces are synchronous from the outside. """ async def _get_results( self, inputs: 'InputType', on_done: 'CallbackFnType', on_error: Optional['CallbackFnType'] = None, on_always: Optional['CallbackFnType'] = None, **kwargs, ): try: self.inputs = inputs req_iter = self._get_requests(**kwargs) async with grpc.aio.insecure_channel( f'{}:{self.args.port}', options=[ ('grpc.max_send_message_length', -1), ('grpc.max_receive_message_length', -1), ], ) as channel: stub = jina_pb2_grpc.JinaRPCStub(channel) self.logger.debug(f'connected to {}:{self.args.port}') cm1 = ( ProgressBar(total_length=self._inputs_length) if self.show_progress else nullcontext() ) with cm1 as p_bar: async for resp in stub.Call(req_iter): resp.as_typed_request(resp.request_type) resp = resp.as_response() callback_exec( response=resp, on_error=on_error, on_done=on_done, on_always=on_always, continue_on_error=self.continue_on_error, logger=self.logger, ) if self.show_progress: p_bar.update() yield resp except KeyboardInterrupt: self.logger.warning('user cancel the process') except asyncio.CancelledError as ex: self.logger.warning(f'process error: {ex!r}') except grpc.aio._call.AioRpcError as rpc_ex: # Since this object is guaranteed to be a grpc.Call, might as well include that in its name. my_code = rpc_ex.code() my_details = rpc_ex.details() msg = f'gRPC error: {my_code} {my_details}' if my_code == grpc.StatusCode.UNAVAILABLE: self.logger.error( f'{msg}\nthe ongoing request is terminated as the server is not available or closed already' ) raise rpc_ex elif my_code == grpc.StatusCode.INTERNAL: self.logger.error(f'{msg}\ninternal error on the server side') raise rpc_ex elif ( my_code == grpc.StatusCode.UNKNOWN and 'asyncio.exceptions.TimeoutError' in my_details ): raise BadClientInput( f'{msg}\n' 'often the case is that you define/send a bad input iterator to jina, ' 'please double check your input iterator' ) from rpc_ex else: raise BadClient(msg) from rpc_ex